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Our Domestic and Family Violence Training Programs provide the tools an organisation needs to Recognise, Respond and Refer those employees affected by domestic and family violence. Through a coordinated approach that integrates all levels of management, human resources and diversity, your organisation will develop the knowledge, confidence and skill set to manage the epidemic that touches all of us. Our sessions are suitable for all workplace groups and are designed to be adaptable as well as tailored to the particular needs of your organisation, audience, venue and time available.

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Our training is based on three key principles:

  • Recognise.

    How to recognise the signs of domestic and family violence within individuals and workplaces

  • Respond.

    Responding appropriately to changes in work performance, behaviours or appearance as well as how to respond to disclosures

  • Refer.

    Where to refer people affected by domestic and family violence and how to encourage seeking help safely

Face-to-Face Training

Specialist Training - 3 hours, Max. 25 people

Our sessions are customised for specific groups within your organisation (HR, diversity, WHS, security, frontline, supervisors and managers). In this session staff will learn the dynamics of domestic and family violence and the specific impact on the workplace. They will learn to recognise the warning signs and receive concrete strategies on how to respond. This will include how to approach the issue, risk assessments, safety planning, managing privacy and confidentiality and referring to specialist services.

First Responder Training - 1.5 hours, Max. 25 people

Our 1.5-hour sessions are suitable for all staff that have direct reports, are peer support staff or wish to know how to support their colleagues. Your staff will learn how to Recognise, Respond and Refer and support people who may disclose whilst encouraging staff to confidently utilise internal and external supports available.

Happy with Quality
increased Knowledge
More confident responding to DFV
More confident recognising signs
Increased Knowledge of Referrals
Delivery style met needs


“Paul's facilitation of this session was great. Paul made discussing a difficult topic easy. Paul stretched my thinking on DFV and I felt my time attending the session was well spent.”

Department of Health

“Kat was an amazing facilitator. Engaging, sensitive to the topic, and powerful through the use of examples. Tough topic and she did an amazing job. Content was spot on and although confronting at times, very useful.”


"One of the best content related courses I have attended."


“I feel more comfortable and confident addressing issues/instances of DFV and also apply the knowledge regarding gender equality in the workplace. Before, I didn't understand the huge impact that gender inequality has on influencing/facilitating DFV so although I haven’t had to deal with people effected by DFV and therefore cant help them, there is still something I can do to help prevent it.”


"Thanks for a fantastic training session. Confronting topic, but great to know that this issue is being highlighted and people experiencing D & FV have options for fantastic supports. You should be very proud!"


"I really enjoyed attending this training, I believe everyone could get something out of knowledge around the subject. If one person can be helped from the training it is worth every min. The presenter was very calming and easy to listen to this always helps."

Rio Tinto

"Trainer demonstrated great knowledge and delivered the message quite clearly. Great to have such type of organisation’s across Australia to combat against this 'social disease'."

Rio Tinto

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